Take a Breath: Kayaking for clean air over the Neisse River

We would like to invite you to a kayaking trip "Take a Breath: Kayaking for clean air over the Neisse River".

Date: 18/05/2018

Start - Tripoint (Czechia), Destination - Radomierzyce

A tribituary of the Oder river. It flows through Lusatia connecting three countries. Nearby the tripoint there are cities Hrádek nad Nisou, Zittau and Bogatynia, as well as the twin cities Goerlitz - Zgorzelec. Below we have the tourist pearl of Bad Muskau and a historic park. On the Polish bank there is Łęknica and a geological jewel - the Muskau Arch, followed by the German Forst, and the nearby an estuary to the Oder river - a city divided in half by its history - Gubin and Guben. The German and Polish parts of Lusatia are organically connected. They share history and architecture with large mansions, parks and trees.

Unfortunately the villages and housing estates by the Neisse are covered in dust. The cause of this air pollution is the Polish open pit mine and power plant Turów, which is literally draining the water from Czech taps. People from Zittau, Goerlitz, and other towns around Turów suffer from the massive coal dust pollution and ashes from the plant, which has a devastating impact on their health.

Why a kayaking trip?

The Neisse still has a chance to become a clean river in a clean region. We want to help local governments in the promotion of this beautiful corner, and at the same time start a conversation about improving the air quality of the Zgorzelecki poviat. Let's discuss together what the river has to offer to local residents and how to best use these values ​​for the good of the people and nature. Let us pay attention to the greatest threats to water resources, the environment and human health. We want to look for solutions and new development paths for the region, that is turning away from coal.

Why in the Year of the River Oder?
Everything that happens to the Neisse affects the Oder, as well as the Baltic Sea, which requires special care. By cleaning the plastic garbage floating down the river, we save many living creatures inhabiting the Szczecin Lagoon and our sea. Striving to limit industrial pollution of the Neisse and its surroundings, we help to protect the water ecosystems of the entire Oder and the Baltic Sea.

We provide a free optional campsite at CRT Radomierzyce - in your own tents .

Katarzyna Czupryniak: k.czupryniak @

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