Generali, quit coal!

1200x630 grafikaTo Generali Insurance Group, in particular CEO Philippe Donnet, Chairman of the Board Gabriele Galateri di Genola and other members of the Board of Directors. Read more...

2018 begins with the closure of one of Europe’s most polluting coal plants

01 TheToxic30Legnica, Poland, January 1, 2018: Almost 6,000 children will now be breathing easier as the new year has brought with it the permanent closure of the Adamów lignite power plant in Poland. Read more...

Polish Pyramids or open-pit mine? Cultural heritage older than Egyptian Pyramids literally stands on the way to coal

magalityThrere is a new threat posed by the planned Ościsłowo open-pit mine – not to the economy, nor to the environment, but to the earliest historical heritage and cultural identity of many Europeans. Megalithic tombs 5,5 thousand years old had been discovered in Góry, Wielkopolska. They are located right on top of the brown coal deposit, which ZE PAK S.A. wants to dig out. Will the ancient tombs win with the mining industry? Right now, it is for the EIA authority to decide. Download attachments: Ancient tombs vs Lignite RTON (pdf)

Banking on Climate Change 2017 - report reveals that the world’s biggest banks are continuing to fuel climate change through the financing of extreme fossil fuels

A report released today by Rainforest Action Network, BankTrack,  Sierra Club and Oil Change International, in partnership with 28 organizations around the world, reveals that the world’s biggest banks are continuing to fuel climate change through the financing of extreme fossil fuels. The report finds that 2016 actually saw a steep fall in bank funding for extreme fossil fuels — however despite this overall reduction, banks are still funding extreme fossil fuel projects at a rate that will push us beyond the 1.5 degrees climate change limit determined by the Paris Climate Agreement. Read more ...

Polish power companies open to change ?

In a recent Bloomberg article, Polish coal companies "admit that financing for new coal projects will be increasingly hard to obtain if no major changes are made to the Polish climate policy. A good first step would be to publicly abandon plans for all new lignite open-pit mines in Poland and to start working on what comes after lignite in the regions which are still too dependent on it. Read more on

Celebration in Berlin !

Klingenberg lignite plant closure celebration May 2017Wednesday, 24 May  Vattenfall is closing the 188MW Klingenberg lignite plant after sustained pressure from local campaigners.  Press release by  CAN Europe, Fundacja "Rozwój TAK - Odkrywki NIE", WWF European Policy Office, European Environmental Bureau and  ClientEarth TBC  ...  more (pdf)

Fossil Fuel Subsidies Award Winners Revealed

ikpalnphldfiaajkCAN Europe the largest European coalition working on climate and energy issues has awarded the Polish government with the Deadly Funding antiaward as part of the Fossil Fuels Subsidy Award. With over 130 member organisations in more than 30 European countries - Fundacja "Rozwój TAK - Odkrywki NIE" being one - representing over 44 million citizens - CAN Europe works to prevent dangerous climate change and promote sustainable climate and energy policy in Europe. Read more ...

ING AGM questions 2017

ING WZAKuba Gogolewski, Fundacja "Rozwój TAK - Odkrywki NIE"
finance campaigner challenged ING CEO to close the loopholes in the
existing ING's coal policy. Unfortunately to no immediate effect:


what ze pakAn updated report higlighting the environmental, health and social risks of financial engagement with one of the Polish less diversified energy companies - a privately-owned lignite utility ZE PAK S.A. owning some of the most polluting coal power plants in Europe.


ING's current coal policy does not prevent the bank from providing corporate loans to companies building new coal power plants such as PGE S.A. and ENEA S.A. or planning to build new mines and power plants. The bank is also yet to commit to rejecting underwritting bond issuances for companies which generate more than 30% of their electricity from coal or which plan new coal power plants or lignite open-pit mines.

Il prossimo passo - the next step

il prosimoFundacja "RT-ON" together with Italian partner Re:Common urging the biggest Italian insurer - Generali - to divest from PGE and to stop insuring and buying shares and bonds of companies planning and building new coal power plants and mines.

German Coal Mines stopped

Clean Energy Wire  portreys Lausitz Energy Bauberg (LEAG) decision to scale back planta for new lignite mines "a beginning of the end of lignite in Germany". Read more here

Polish utility company supported by EIB in developing coal plant

European Responsible Investors Network( ERIN) in its latest newsletter mentions the involvement on the European Investment Bank in financing ENERGA, which is one of the four state-owned companies either building new coal power plants or planning to do so. Fundacja "RT-ON" joined ERIN in January 2017. Read more ...

Will Discovery of Ancient Tombs in Poland Halt a Proposed Coal Mine?

Ancient Tombs in PolandThe discovery of the 5500 year old burial mounds from Funnelbreaker culture in north-east Wielkopolska in Poland has been covered by Claudia Ciobanu and published on Ancient News. The ancient monument has the bad luck of being localised on top of the planned lignite open-pit mine on the "Ościsłowo" deposit.

News about the opposition to PGE S.A. plans

News about the opposition to PGE S.A. plans to prolong lignite extraction in Turów lignite open-pit mine on th Polish-Czech-German border is spreading. After coverage by The Ecologist from end of November 2016 this in January the French portal covered the story:

Deutsche Bank puts first restrictions on coal finance

Today yet another major bank announced that it is no longer going to
finance greenfield mines and power plants. That means that none of the Polish companies planing greenfield lignite open-pit mines: Złoczew, Gubin-Brody, Ościsłowo, Dęby Szlecheckie and Ościsłowo going to receive financing from Deutsche Bank for that purpose. The same goes for Ostrołęka C hard-coal power plant in Rzekuń and Jan Karski Mine in Roztocze.  Read more ...

Foundation Development YES - Open-Pit Mines has joined a diverse group of Civil Society Organisations


Foundation Development YES - Open-Pit Mines has joined a diverse group of Civil Society Organisations demanding that the Board of Directors of the European Investment Bank pays special attention to the application from ENERGA S.A. - a company that is explicit both in words and in actions that it will continue its dependence on hard coal for electicity generation. Foundation DY-OPMN firmly believes that the era of energy generation dependent on mining and buring coal has ended and that further attempts to further Polish energy system reliance on coal is harmful both for the Polish citizens as well as for the communities most impacted by the effects of climate change and environmental and social impact of coal and lignite mining around the world.

Download attachments: ENERGA HYBRID BONDS EBI letter (pdf)

Turów lignite mine expansion has been one of the main topics of the meeting between the Polish and the Czech prime ministers


The EIA which will have to go through a transboundry procedure will be ready by mid-2017 Radio Prague informs ...  Read more ...

Czechs angry at severe water loss caused by Polish mining

402386The Turow open-pit lignite mine is drying up water sources on both sides of the Polish-Czech border. In light of plans to expand mining at Turow, Czechs are now rebelling against putting up with damages from a foreign mine they get no benefits from CLAUDIA CIOBANU reports. Read more ...

A group of French and international NGOs critisise the continued support of French biggest bank - BNP Paribas to the fossil fuel industry in Poland

Notefinale BNPParibas"BNP Paribas has still not ruled out support to PGE, while the company is producing 85% of its electricity from coal and is pumping over 83% of its investment budget into coal. BNP Paribas also undertook last year to no longer directly fund new coal power and mining projects in high income countries such as Poland, yet continuing to do so via indirect support such as corporate loans or the issuance of new bonds is completely hypocritical. Read more ...


Turow13 page citation: „However, just across the border from Germany, Polish state-owned and private companies are pushing on with plans to develop a string of new open-pit lignite mines – with major financial support from some well-known banks.

Read more ...

Coal isn’t the only fossil fuel in trouble, Rice researcher says

global raportThe coal industry has been devastated by efforts to curb climate change. Production is down. Companies have lost millions of dollars, laid off thousands of workers and gone bankrupt.


Bloomberg: Poland’s Dirty Coal Faces Competition From Cleaner Imports

  • Government has committed to supporting domestic coal industry
  • Cheaper power prices in neighboring markets stimulate imports

Poland’s coal-dominatead power market is getting a breath of fresh air.


Poland's disappearing lakes fuel battle over coal mining

WILCZYN, Poland (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - In early summer, the Wielkopolska region in western Poland looks like a scene from "The Hobbit" with intense green fields and lakes surrounded by dense forest and pretty cottages.

Nationale Nederlanden keeps dirty energy in Poland alive and kicking

Nationale Nederlanden (NN) –the owner of the largest pension fund in Poland, formerly part of ING Group – has invested nearly EUR 470 mln1 of Polish citizens' savings in collapsing coal companies and gets profits from the stock dividends, with no regard for the impact it has on people, environment and climate. Polish citizens have come to Holland for the NN Annual General Meeting (AGM) to demand that the company takes clear commitments to divest from coal.

Polish thermal faces price squeeze

(Plats - Power in Europe | 23-May-2016 – Adam Easton) Poland's four state-controlled utilities ali saw their distribution volumes rise in the first quarter of 2016 thanks to a 2.1% year-on-year growth in electricity consumption.

Fossil fuels put on notice as global coal fight hits Germany

People, nature and climate versus shady profits

New opencast mines of ZE PAK Company make no sense

*Europe chokes on coal* By Sara Stefanini, Politico 4/14/16

Our mission

We say Yes! Yes to progress * Yes to non-invasive and environmentally friendly technology * Yes to renewable energy sources.

We say No! No to environmental damage * No to the extraction and burning of fossil fuels * No to the construction of new opencast lignite mines.



The Foundation "Development YES – Open-Pit Mines NO" (abbreviated as "DY-OPMN").

Foundation "DY-OPMN" is the formal and legal representation of the Polish National Coalition „Development YES – Open-pit mines NO" – a civil society grassroots movement to prevent plans to build new lignite open-pit mines and supporting the transformation of the Polish economy ... read more


The most important task of the Foundation is to support the activities of the civil society aimed at stopping plans to build new opencast lignite mines in Poland, including assistance to non-governmental organizations, associations, ordinary residents opposing the construction of quarries fighting the negative effects of the operation of existing ones and promoting the development of energy systems based on renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and local more


Polish National Coalition to stop plans to build a new lignite mine opencast.… read more


Irena Rogowska


President of the Board of the Foundation „Development YES - Open Pit Mines NO”

Leader of the National Coalition „DY-OPMN" since 2011, initiator of the largest successful, ie. valid and binding local referendum in the history of free Poland against plans to build a lignite mine on the brown coal deposit "Legnica", member of local government until 2014 with over 20 years of experience –Former Mayor of rural community Lubin. founder of the Foundation DY-OPMN.

Radosław Gawlik


Chairing the Programme Board

Vice-President of the Coalition "DY-OPMN", president of the Association „EKO-UNIA”.

Tomasz Waśniewski


President of the Foundation

co-founder of the Social Committee "STOP open pit mine" and the National Coalition "RT-ON". Founder.

Mr. Jakub „Kuba” Gogolewski 

Project Coordinator and Financial Campanier. An economist who has worked in the international organization CEE Bankwatch Network and with Greenpeace Poland and engaged himself in the Programme for Climate of the Polish Green Network. He specializes in energy investments and their financing and the impact of socio-environmental changes in the energy sector. Member of the Executive Board, from 17 th May 2017.

Other members of the Board


Ms. Anna Rrążkiewicz


is the Communica­tions Coordinator of CAN Europe. She joined the team in December 2014. She is responsible for media relations, web presence and acting as a spokesperson, among others. Pre­viously, she was working in com­munications within the environmental movement in Poland for more than four years. Ania holds a Masters in Political Science from University of Warsaw. Member of the Foundation Board from 2016.

Mr. Waldemar Kwaśny 

kwasny W  local government, ex-mayor of Miłkowice. Member of the Foundation Board and Founder.

Other Founders

Mr. Janusz Łucki

Vice-President of the Foundation

spokesman for the Coalition, cultural activist, local government. Founder.

Mr. Andrzej Holdenmajer

holdenmajer local government, ex-mayor of Ścinawa. Founder.

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